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Each bankruptcy is unique, but with the guidance of our respected bankruptcy attorney from the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez, we will make sure that we would be by your side through every step of the way. With our Heart-Centered practices, we would guide you with care while still making the tough decisions that are needed to make to meet the resolution you need.
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Should you seek a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Seeking professional guidance is the best way in starting the process of filing for bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorney in Ventura California would help with you at any part of the process of filing for Bankruptcy. It is still encouraged to look for professional help before coming into the conclusion that you and your family would be filing for bankruptcy. We would be glad to help you by presenting points to help you understand your predicament and what you should do for you to get the best possible solution. Our team that handles bankruptcy cases would be with you from filing to setting you up after the process. While this might be one of the hardest decisions you would be making, the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez will be guiding you for such hard choices while maintaining a strong stand in making the best decision for you.

Finding the right type of bankruptcy

As bankruptcy has become fairly common in the United States, the stress and anxiety you feel during the process is a lot to take. With our respected bankruptcy attorney in Ventura, CA helping you, it would give you a sense of assurance that someone is there to help you. Finding the right type of bankruptcy is challenging for some people, but our team would help you in finding the best possible solution for your situation. In deciding which type is the best option for you, we should understand what type is suited for your circumstances. Chapter 13 gives you the benefit of keeping your assets and allowing you to repay a portion of your debt over a three to five-year period depending on your agreement with the court. While Chapter 7 allows the court to sell the majority of your assets until the remaining debt has been paid. Our team is here to guide you through this difficult situation, and we would take a careful approach in deciding which type is suited for you and what would be our course of action.

Why Do You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

When you’re facing debts, paying lawyer fees can seem like the last thing you want to do. But, choosing an expert team, like the one at the Law Offices of R. Grace Rodriguez, can be the best option for you. There are many aspects that your bankruptcy attorney in Ventura, CA, can provide you. First, we can help you file the bankruptcy paperwork properly. We can also represent you in court, making sure that you are treated fairly. If necessary, we are prepared to fight for your legal rights. If you choose a chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help you create a payment plan that will work for you. All of these services make us essential, so the bankruptcy process goes smoothly.

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With the feeling of being helpless and unable to find a resolution when facing bankruptcy, it is our goal as the bankruptcy attorney at the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez to help you find peace during your times of need. We are here to defend your rights, even those of which you don’t know. Our passion to help ease your stress through our careful and compassionate approach, as this might be one of the most trying times of your life. So, contact us and allow us to be with you from every step of the way as the bankruptcy attorney in Ventura, California is open to help you. Feel free to contact us today to set an appointment.

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