Cost of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles California

Chapter 7 is one of the most common types of bankruptcy filed by an individual in Los Angeles California. With chapter 7 being created for people who are honest enough to admit that they don’t have the money to close their debt. Whit it being the best option for those who have too much debt or with many creditors lined up for settlement. Looking to seek the professional representation of bankruptcy lawyers increases the success rate. As 95% of lawyer represented case has been discharged. 

Fees and Costs of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

A bankruptcy case is often a delicate time for the client. A time where the client is vulnerable and emotional. As fees associated with the filing of the bankruptcy case becomes a primary concern of clients. The Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez offers reasonable costs despite being an expert in the field of bankruptcy. With the filing fee of $335 for a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy lawyer fee varies depending on the type of case. Each case is evaluated based on the following factors:

  1. Total Creditors 
  2. Summary of Debt
  3. Means test Analysis Required
  4. Type of filling
  5. Urgency
  6. Potential issues and problems

Upon evaluation of your case, the total fees and cost for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case can be determined. A free consultation is offered by the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez to have an initial evaluation of your case. 

Average cost of Bankruptcy lawyer in California

A chapter 7 bankruptcy case often results in a client surrendering all of their non-exempt claims to the Bankruptcy Trustee. The California exemptions provide the type of assets that are available for exemptions. In chapter 7 an exempted asset would not make you exempted in covering your dept if your behind on payments. Creditors can still take your properties to cover your debt.

All documentation for the bankruptcy case would be handled by a bankruptcy lawyer. Guiding a client on how to apply for a local or federal bankruptcy exemptions is a priority. The main idea is to help the client protect his or her assets. A creditor might object for the discharge or request relief. Your bankruptcy lawyer would handle all motions to ensure that you’re relieved of most of your debt. 

How much is a bankruptcy lawyer in California? The average cost of a bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles for a chapter 7 bankruptcy case is about $1,250. The cost varies depending on location, how difficult the case is, and the quality of lawyer handling your case. The cost of a simple case would cost less than a complex case with multiple assets. The better and more experienced lawyers usually cost more than fresh law school graduates. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez provides compassionate and exceptional services at a reasonable cost. The team has a long history of guiding people file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

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The Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez prides itself on having the best bankruptcy attorney in California. We have structured our team to provide the best possible service while maintaining compassion towards our clients. As we provide the highest level of service that can be given to a client, we also support our client by doing it at a reasonable cost.
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