Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help Settle your Property Disputes in Los Angeles

Property disputes can get complicated in Los Angeles, especially if you’re trying to settle them on your own. There are many benefits to hiring a property dispute attorney familiar with real estate law in Los Angeles to help you settle your dispute with ease. Having a lawyer by your side can help temper the flames of your dispute too, especially since you will want to resolve this in a civilized and law-abiding manner.

Below, we compiled some information about what hiring a real estate lawyer can do for you as well as some additional info regarding property disputes.

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What does a real estate attorney do?

There are many specializations an attorney can look into, and real estate law is one of them! These individuals are specifically acquainted with handling property disputes and other issues related to real estate, so they’re the best people to approach regarding any similar issues in Los Angeles.

What are some of the disputes a real estate attorney can help solve? Here are some of them:

  • Beachfront property disputes
  • Easements
  • Adverse possession
  • Preserved property disputes
  • Historical property disputes
  • Zoning disputes
  • Land use disputes
  • Riparian rights
  • Oil and gas disputes

When approaching a real estate attorney, make sure you clearly tell them what issue needs to be resolved, so they know how to harness their expertise properly.

What are the common types of property disputes?

Although there are many different types of property disputes, most fall under these categories:

  • Breach of Contract
    – You can pursue damages for losses if the other party doesn’t hold up their part of the contract.
  • Real Estate Fraud
    – Illegal property flipping, straw buyer schemes, and predatory lending are some examples.
  • Boundary Disputes
    – Disagreeing on property lines constitutes a boundary dispute.
  • Co-Owner Disputes
    – Co-owners can disagree on whether to sell a property, invest in it, or keep it.
  • Specific Performance
    – Someone in the party did not perform an agreed-upon action according to the contract.

How can a lawyer assist me in a boundary dispute case?

These disputes can become aggressive quickly, especially if both parties have a very dissimilar idea of where the boundaries of a property lie. Instead of getting physical or aggressive, it’s best to turn to a real estate lawyer to file all the paperwork for you in the off chance you’ll be going to court or to negotiate with the other party directly.

Because of the uncertain nature of boundaries, sometimes you need a real estate lawyer to set everything straight for you and the person you’re in conflict with.

How does the resolution process legally work?

The resolution process can be different for each case. Easier cases can often be settled out of court, with just your lawyer and the other party’s lawyer communicating effectively with each other over a certain length of time. Others such as covenant disputes will need more research on the part of the lawyer to check previous covenants made with the land or building to see how they hold up to the current contract.

No matter what the dispute may be, a good real estate lawyer must accurately predict the next steps to come and help you get ready for them.

What are the two types of lawsuits for boundary disputes?

Read on here to find out more:

  • Continuing Trespass
    – You may promptly ask the court to tell a third party to stop trespassing upon your premises.
    – It’s possible for you to earn monetary gains if you win this case.
  • Declaratory Judgment
    – You can come to a judge so they can determine who the true owner of a property is.
    – This is an aggressive kind of dispute that will likely not end in monetary gains for either party, but who the true owner of the property is may be settled legally.


Any property dispute can be tough to manage by yourself. Hire a real estate lawyer familiar with Los Angeles property law to help you resolve the issue easily!

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