The Benefits Landlord Receives When Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer

The need for a real estate lawyer can be something that landlords tend to push aside. And we totally understand why! You may either be preoccupied with other matters at hand regarding your property or you may even just have landed yourself dream tenants who give you zero issues whatsoever.

However, a lawyer is important for every landlord to have, even if they’ve yet to run into issues that will require one. A real estate lawyer can save you from shady deals you may not even realize you’ll be susceptible to, or may even spare you from being victimized by outside forces beyond your control.

These professionals are here for a reason, so here are some of the benefits you can experience if you have a real estate lawyer hired.

They Come In Handy When It Comes To Eviction

As a landlord, you know very well that no tenant wants to be evicted, but it’s an inevitability if they can no longer pay rent or they’re a danger to fellow tenants around them.

These are some situations wherein a lawyer might come in handy when eviction is near:

  • The tenant you want to evict is fighting your mandate with their own lawyer
  • They’re filing for bankruptcy
  • Your tenant is also your employee
  • Your tenant is involved in a state-sponsored housing program

Lawyers are better at anticipating and managing these situations, so make sure you have one you can call.

A Real Estate Lawyer Is Important When You Might Be Sued For Illegal Discrimination

You heard that right. It’s entirely possible to still be sued for this even if you’re evicting a tenant for reasons that are one hundred percent legitimate. Some areas might be rife with tension and other tenants may already experience discrimination, so it isn’t far-fetched for a tenant of yours to think the same way too, on their way to eviction.

It’s totally possible for HUD judges to slap you with $16,000 worth of damages if you get convicted for this, so it’s essential to find a great real estate lawyer to defend you properly in case this happens.

Real Estate Lawyers Can Help With Boundary Disputes

This type of dispute can cause a lot of harm and confusion to tenants, especially if two or more of them are arguing over which boundary encompasses their property. It’s a common argument between more than one tenant, and could escalate into bigger problems for you if this isn’t solved quickly.

In terms of what happens after these conflicts, it’s possible for your real estate lawyer to call for the eviction of the more troublemaking tenant and award the whole property to the other tenant in the dispute. Since boundary disputes usually take a long time to solve, having a lawyer straighten this out for you could save you a lot of time and energy to attend to other tasks.

Angry Renters Will Be Easier To Deal With

It’s possible that you haven’t dealt with them before, but it’s best to still hire a real estate lawyer so you’re safe, not sorry. These tenants are the worst possible tenants a landlord can deal with. They can endanger not just the property they live in, but neighboring properties too with their unruliness. Common problems with these tenants include loud noise, bad smells, unbearable mess, and potential damage to property that you may not be aware of.

Having a real estate lawyer by your side to help you straighten them out can potentially get these angry tenants to clean up their act even before you decide on eviction as the final option. Before bringing your lawyer in however, try to understand if they can still be peacefully spoken to. If this is possible, you may not see the need for a lawyer right away, but having one at your disposal is still a good idea just in case they may not be amicable.

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