What Questions Should I Ask My Estate Planning Attorney

Before you go around looking for the best real estate attorney in Los Angeles to help you with estate planning, you need to be prepared with a set of questions they must be ready to answer. You’ll likely run into an attorney who needs to get paid by the hour, so you have to let those hours count!

Here are some Los Angeles legal questions you can ask a property attorney while going through the estate planning process:

How Much Estate Planning Have You Done In Your Practice?

No matter how skilled your property lawyer might be with Los Angeles law, you still shouldn’t hire them if they don’t tell you that they have a significant amount of experience dealing with estate planning.

If upon interview, the lawyer you’re talking to states that they have “some” experience or have done “occasional” estate planning, we recommend that you look elsewhere for the kind of estate planning lawyer that can fulfill your needs to the best of their ability.

Another red flag to watch out for is if the lawyer you’re talking to tries to downplay their lack of experience by saying that estate planning is simpler than you realize and that they don’t need to disclose their estate planning portfolio to you.

What Do I Need With My Estate Plan?

Your real estate litigation attorney should know that estates in Los Angeles can differ. This applies to estates in California in general too, especially considering that different residents have different estates that need to be taken care of.

Look for multiple options with your attorney before settling on an estate plan that suits you. You might want to consult with another attorney as well if they only have a few plans at their disposal and can barely tell the difference between them for your estate.

Who Should Be My Trustee?

An individual or even a corporation can manage your assets while you’re still living, and you can choose a successor who can step up for you after your death. If a lot of people are considered viable options for you, the great thing about having an attorney by your side is that they can help you choose the best option, legally.

Ask your attorney how much experience they have with this, and feel free to ask them how they go about helping their clients select a trustee.

Does Having A Living Trust Mean That I Can Avoid Estate And Probate Taxes?

The attorney you choose to trust should be familiar with the following statements related to estate and probate taxes:

  • A revocable trust isn’t considered exempt from estate taxes. These are applied via your state or the government.
  • An AB Trust (that passes from one spouse to the other) and avoids estate tax in general.
  • Living trusts don’t pass through probate trust at all

A competent attorney should be able to walk you through the different trusts you can try going for and they should also closely monitor taxation that comes along with whatever your choice is.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to an attorney you can trust, it all boils down to competent experience. It’s crucial for any attorney whom you plan to trust with your estate planning to demonstrate appropriate knowledge regarding the process, and it’s important for them to have a lot of experience regarding the matter. With something as complicated as estate planning, you want to trust only the best.

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