Why It’s Essential To Hire An Estate Lawyer With Newfound Wealth

Did you suddenly find yourself striking gold? Did you finally manage to buy a car or the house of your dreams?

If yes, you might feel tempted to splurge and celebrate. It’s understandable—you want to show off your newfound wealth.

However, it’s also important to think of the future. That’s where estate planning comes to play. With an estate planner, you’ll have a plan in place that brings you and your loved ones peace of mind.

What Does An Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

A real estate planner is a duly sworn member of the bar and usually carries a license from the National Association of Estate Planners and Council. They usually specialize in preparing a client and is financial legacy for the end of his life. This type of lawyer is best known for helping clients draft a last will and testament, as well as set up a trust.

Aside from that, estate planning lawyers also help clients minimize any estate or inheritance taxes. Once the client passes away, the lawyer also assists in executing the will and transferring the assets to the beneficiaries.

Lastly, an estate planner ensures that you and your family are ready for scenarios when you’re unable to make your own decisions. They assign a power of attorney, allowing you to tend to end-of-life matters through him.

Why Do You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer?

Here are the reasons why hiring an estate planning attorney is better for you and your assets in the long run:


Understand certain Estate Laws.

If you’re not familiar with estate laws, chances are you won’t understand all the state laws relevant to your estate. Planning your estate on your own could lead you to overlook some items and lead to costly mistakes. Letting an expert plan for you ensures that you don’t forget important details.

Avoid State Laws Affecting The Way You Plan Your Estate.

When the time comes and you don’t have an estate plan, state laws will dictate how your estate will be distributed. It will dictate factors like the executor, who will be given special power of attorney, and how much each of your loved ones will receive.


Find An Estate Plan That Fits Your Needs.

No two estate plans are alike. One person might need a will, while another may need a trust. Another client may need to place his property in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, while another won’t need it.

It’s difficult to determine which plan is for you, on your own. This is why you need a lawyer—they’ll ask you about your needs and interests and create a plan that’s best for you and your family.


Ensure That Your Will Is Legally Valid.

It’s tempting to write your will yourself, but this may do more harm than good. It might turn out that your will isn’t valid, leaving the state with no choice but to determine the distribution itself. Hiring a lawyer ensures that no one can contest your will.


Simplify The Legal Complexities.

You might be living with relatives who you want to distribute a portion of your estate to. Alternatively, you might own multiple businesses. Either way, these circumstances tend to complicate the legal process. An estate planning lawyer is experienced in handling different life situations, simplifying the planning process for you.

Estate planning is not something to take lightly. With a proper plan in place, you protect your assets, making it easier for your loved ones in the future. Instead of putting it off for when things get worse, hire an estate planning attorney today.

Protect Your Estate With The Help Of Estate Planning Lawyers

There is no simple solution when it comes to estate planning. Whether you’ve earned newfound wealth and want to manage your assets in Los Angeles, let an estate planning attorney help you protect them.

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