Why You Need A Comprehensive Estate Plan

When it comes to planning for the unexpected and tragic moments in life, many individuals believe that having a Last Will & Testament document that lays out their final wishes is enough to give guidance to their family and friends. Unfortunately, while maintaining a LW&T is a vital step in ensuring a future plan for your children, family, and others, it may not be a comprehensive enough estate plan to really explain what should happen should you become incapacitated or pass away.

With the aid of a trained estate planning attorney, you can put to rest some of your biggest fears of what will happen after your death with a strong, strategic plan that explains in fine detail what your beneficiaries should expect – as well as clear guidance that will help guide them through the entire process.

The Value Of A Comprehensive Estate Plan

While nobody likes to think about the unthinkable, the world is an uncertain place. Individuals who fail to leave their children and family a clear plan postmortem risk leaving their grieving family members in a difficult and confusing place. 

Consider the need for selecting a Power of Attorney for your will. While you may have the individual in mind for this essential role, have you walked them through the plan for what they can expect when the time comes for them to assume their role? Have you even told them that you would like them to be your Power of Attorney? As an essential person in the process of handling your estate, you should not only notify this individual for their consent, but you should be ready to provide them with a clear and concise guide for what steps they should take first. With the aid of an attorney, your Power of Attorney will feel confident that all steps have been planned ahead of time.

A living will is another vital part of a full, comprehensive estate plan. A living will allows you to create a “living document” that gives direction as to your wishes for health care in the event that you become incapacitated and need others to care for you. By creating a document that clearly explains your wishes and expectations, you can better serve your family and friends and help them move forward in confidence.

Finally, a clear trust document can help give your family clear expectations when it comes time to distribute your money and property assets. With a trust document, you can lay out the fine print regarding who will receive what items from your possessions, as well as the timeline by which you wish for these items to be distributed. This can be essential in the event that your trust document is activated and your children are still minors. A comprehensive trust document put together with the help of an estate planning lawyer will help take care of all the legal and tax details, helping your family greatly in a difficult moment.

Build A Comprehensive Plan With An Experienced Estate Attorney

In the process of dealing with an individual’s estate, there are often high levels of emotion – including grieving, stress, frustration, and more. By taking the time today to put together a comprehensive estate plan, you can serve your family with a valuable gift of clarity and direction in a difficult time. 

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