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During tough economic times like this you need professionals who are fully trained and educated who are able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your specific financial situation and recommend a program that will actually save your home and save you money for an affordable feeThat's why you need the professionals at the Law Offices of R. Grace Rodriguez.

We are a full-service real estate and bankruptcy law firm with over 25 years of combined experience.   Let us use our knowledge, education and experience to help you get a fair chance at rebuilding your financial future at an affordable fee. 

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There is no ONE Solution for Everyone.  You Need a Professionally Tailored Plan to get the best results.  Experienced Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorneys working together to Help you get your fresh start
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Cleaning Up the Mess

For most of us, no one was around to teach us how to start a business, invest in real estate, review mortgage contracts, prepare financial spreadsheets, manage credit or handle our money.  Let's face it.  Most of us don't have the education, skill and experience to get it right the first time.  We learn through our failures.  Often there is a trail of financial ruin that threatens our existence.  We are here to help you use the law to protect yourself from collection and business lawsuits, wage garnishments, bank levy, repossessions and foreclosures.  We aggressively fight to not only save your property but then we help you get back on your feet and rebuild.

Whatever financial state you are presently in we want to help you make a plan for your future.  With compassion we are committed to helping you develop a financial plan that is  specifically tailored to your situation.  We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. 

Unfortunately many will lose this window of opportunity by following the advice of non-attorneys, real estate brokers, paralegals and so-called loan modification "experts."  While many are well-intentioned, they are often times misguided and misinformed.  They typically do not have sufficient education, training or experience to understand the interplay between real estate law, mortgage, foreclosure defense and bankruptcy.   to provide you with competent legal help like the Law Offices of R. Grace Rodriguez.

For example, in most circumstances, the short-sale of your home can cause more harm than good!  Here are a few examples...

A family member or friend buys your house for you so you can stay in the house.  This is frequently illegal and could result in the lender demanding the entire loan be paid immediately.  If you cannot pay the full loan, you could lose your house.

In a short-sale your realtor makes anywhere from 2 to 5% commission on the sale while you get nothing.  And if your realtor shares his commission with you it could also be illegal.

Even if you know you cannot keep your home, a short sale robs you of precious time to live in your own home prior and after a foreclosure.  This is time that could be spent saving money to move...money that doesn't have to be spent on rent elsewhere.

Another example is when your "loan modification expert" reports your income incorrectly, which could ruin your chances for a successful bankruptcy if one is needed!

So whether it because of job loss, health difficulties, financial difficulties or past financial mistakes, it is our mission is to help you restore your life and your dignity.
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