Resolve ~ Repair ~ Rebuild ~ Thrive

We are a full-service real estate, business, tax & bankruptcy law firm with over 16 years of combined experience. We are there to help you resolve lawsuits, settle your debts, get the IRS off your back. Once that is done we are going to help you repair your credit, rebuild your finances and ultimately get back into a position to invest in real estate or successfully start your new business. When you are ready. . . we will show you how to start that business and find smart investments.

Legally . . .

Stop the IRS Levies
Stop your foreclosure.
Stop your wage garnishment.
Stop your car from being repossessed.
Stop the Eviction process.

During tough economic times like this you need professionals willing to listen and understand your situation. Your attorney needs to be are fully trained, educated and experienced who are able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your specific situation.

We provide you with a cost effective and affordable solution to your problem. That’s why you need the professionals at the Law Offices of R. Grace Rodriguez by your side!