Home Foreclosure Attorney Provides Free Legal Advice To California Homeowners Who Are Facing Foreclosure

When homeowners face foreclosure, they will require the services of a foreclosure attorney and file bankruptcy or a lawsuit to save their homes. In California, a lot of homeowners often face foreclosures which have led to them losing their houses and investments. Thankfully, the foreclosure rates have improved over the years, yet the threat of losing one’s home still exists. There are still some legal steps you need to take to secure your investment and stop foreclosure.

Undoubtedly, filing bankruptcy helps homeowners stop foreclosure fast. And there are two types of bankruptcy you can choose to stop foreclosure. One is the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the other is the chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, before you choose the type of bankruptcy you want to file, it is advisable that you talk with an experienced attorney first. They will help you to thoroughly analyze the situation at hand and choose the best option that suits your condition.

Types Of Bankruptcy

Graphic Home Foreclosure Attorney Provides Free Legal Advice to California Homeowners Who Are Facing Foreclosure

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

In this type of bankruptcy, homeowners can wipe out all medical debts and credit card debts but must have an up-to-date car payment and mortgage and must not have too much equity in the house.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, homeowners can stop foreclosure immediately. The homeowner will be given a particular amount of time to fully repay the missed mortgage payments. The advantage of this type of bankruptcy is that homeowners do not have to fully repay their unsecured credit card debts or medical debts.

How The Bill Of Rights Protects Homeowners

The California Homeowner Bill of Rights helps to protect homeowners from unlawful practices from their lenders. It encourages fair borrowing and lending practices. With this act in place, mortgage lenders cannot deceive their borrowers in any way because they are checked for modification.

As a homeowner facing foreclosure, you should make the right decision and act quickly to save your home. You can stop foreclosures by filing a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy or filing a lawsuit against the lender. It is also in your best interest to work with a lawyer that is compassionate, patient, and understanding to help you devise the best solution. By taking legal actions, home foreclosure rates in California can continue to improve.

How Can I Know The Right Lawyer That Can Work With Me?

In California, there are many lawyers you can work with. One thing you need to know when choosing a lawyer is the quality of service they render and their experience about the challenge you are facing. If you are fortunate to make the right choice, the whole foreclosure process will become easy, and you will get a favorable outcome in the end. Hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that you are working with a legal practitioner that offers quality legal services and at an affordable price.

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